Saturday, January 10, 2009

Falling right into place...

I am doing this blog in hopes of sparking the motivation that I seem to be lacking in my life as of late. It's a new year, and I am determined to treat it as such. To hell with the past, I am ready for a few changes.

Resolutions are pretty overrated in my opinion, but I think that I should at least set some goals to help me feel accomplished when this thing is all said and done.

My goals are as follows, but not limited to:
  • bike a ton -- let's say at least 3,000 miles this year, which turns out to be like 8 miles a day (it figures that I am already behind by 80 miles...)
  • do yoga more!!!
  • straight A's (a.k.a. take everything a bit more serious)
  • maintain a diet that consists of mostly vegan foods
  • start reading
School should be pretty good this semester seeing as I am starting to get in to my Major classes. A taste of my schedule, which seems is turning out to be 19 credit hours:
  • Economic Botany (2)
  • Elements of Genetics (3)
  • General Chemistry 1 (4)
  • General Chemistry Lab (1)
  • Trigonometry (2)
  • Basic Probability and Statistics (3)
  • Introduction to Independent Investigation (1-2)

As a side note, I have started drawing. I hope to turn these drawing into some sort of collaboration involving batik work. Nothing too special, but just something fun to do.


  1. It may be silly to call them resolutions, but I think they are well worth it. Best of luck with your goals- as you know I think anything is possible. Good post- keep writing!

  2. Hi Kaitlin, I am having the weirdest day. I have just come over from Nick's blog and i have a son named Nick. Now i am visiting you, it is time to confess that I also have a daughter named Caitlin. Weird. Even weirder is that she is interested in the same subjects as you.Oh and let's not forget Yoga. WEIRD!!
    Nice to meet you.xx