Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Might as well post this before I forget the figures.

Just got back from the Rec Center.  Jogged 1 mile and biked 7 miles --  Average mph 18.0.  I'm pretty pumped about that.

A change of pace...

Went to the Rec Center yesterday -- jogged 2.1 miles.  A small beginning, but a beginning nonetheless.  I figured that if I want to start getting in better shape, jogging is the way to go.

As a diet side-note:  it seems full-fletched veganism is right around the corner for me.  Granted, I'm pretty vegan now, but I might as well go all of the way for the betterment of my health.

I'm ending my night with a pretty intense yoga session tonight -- or so I plan to.  Ideally, I want to master crow pose for what it's worth.  Also, hip-openers and hamstring stretches will be a main point of focus, especially considering the fact I am starting to jog more often.

Things are great.