Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bike Fixin' and Ridin'

John taught me a few things about bikes, and in the process -- my bike is now good to go!!!  Check it out:

I'm kind of iffy on the shifters, but I will get the hang of them soon enough.

Already put some miles on my bike too.  They are as follows:
--Thursday 03/26 -- 13.4 miles (7.5 miles were with John.  That was fun, and it made me remember how fun it is to ride with other people.  Wow... I really wish I had a riding buddy.)
--Friday 03/27 -- 7.5 miles

I feel so balanced as of late.  My attempt at detoxing didn't go too well, but I'm starting again.  You only live once, right? :-P

Had a killer yoga sesh yesterday, which pretty much motivated me to do pilates.  Pretty pumped about that. (Note to self:  GET A NEW YOGA MAT ALREADY!)

One last thing.  I feel like all of this new energy in my life should be accompanied by a really random and spontaneous change so I'm cutting off all of my hair tomorrow. :)  I can't even wait.

P.S.  I am really obsessed with Rilo Kiley this week -- so many good jams.

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